About us

“Letting go of an easy to takeover Family Business”

“Being at Loggerheads with Parents for the Sheer Love of Cheesecake”

“Putting in hours at a local bakery to master the art of Baking”

“And finally going from Life Partners to Business Partners of Cheesecake & Co.”

Mind You! We are not another cheesecake bakery or a dessert house.

Heya People!

Welcome to Cheesecake & Co. ( Unit of RYM VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED ) - The Hub of authentic, flavorsome, eggless cheesecakes, here to spoil every sweet tooth looking to savor on a cheesecake that reminds you of your mother’s warming peck, your father’s affectionate pat, and your pet’s adorable mushiness.

Founded in 2021, in less than 2 years, Cheesecake & Co. Founders Himanshu Gakhreja and Shreya Agarwal have been successful in rolling out 52 stores across Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Chandigarh and the latest addition in the Pink City of Jaipur.

What began as a humble beginning by this Team of Two looking to create a “Cheesecake Revolution”, in less than a year has grown into a team of 100+, baked cheesecakes under 15+ categories and diversified into cheesecake jars, brownies, shakes, and coffee variants.

The latest feather in the hat came in the form of participation on Shark Tank India - S2 where all the sharks thoroughly enjoyed digging into the delectable spread of cheesecakes.

While many would feel we have reached where we had intended to, of course, we are extremely grateful for all the love and appreciation we have received from people who have liked our products and have chosen to be our repeat customers. However, we see this only as a beginning and believe there is still a LONG WAY TO GO!